Is Your Blog Written by a Man or a Woman?

Let GenderAnalyzer tell you! All you have to do is enter the URL of your blog and the program tells you whether it thinks that blog was written by a man or a woman. It worked for me (I have a 79% chance of being a woman) but Ann at Booklorn came out with a 96% chance of being a man!

Other sites hosted by the same service( will analyze your personality (I came out an ISTP -- independent problem-solver) or tell you what classical author you most resemble (I'm not the next Lewis Carroll, but I do moderately resemble him at 33% alike) based on your blog URL.

Check it out on with your blog... are you a man or a woman, a practical or an idealist, Jane Austen or H. G. Wells? Leave a comment with your results!

My 33% doppelganger, like looking in a mirror, no?


Ann (Booklorn on Twitter) said...

Heh, thanks for the link. Still haven't figured out what's so "manly" about me. No one has ever mistaken me for one since puberty--even before then it was only due to the lousy haircut my mom gave me and second-hand boy's clothes. :-)

shelburns (writereader) said...

This was fun! Here are my results:
58% woman's blog
31% like Frank Baum

Alyce said...

Fun links! Here are my results:

71% woman's blog
ESTP - Doer
35% Lewis Carroll

Alessandra said...

According to my results, my blog is 70% female, and I resemble Lewis Carrol for the 22%.

meg89 said...

hmmm... I wonder why so much Lewis Carroll?

stefanie said...

I have a 67% chance of being a woman. That's encouraging :) And apparently I have a slight resemblance to Oscar Wilde.

meg89 said...

I know what you mean about it being encouraging, Stefanie! What if the results had shown I was a man? There would have been so much to learn--I don't know the first thing about being a man!

Luanne said...

That was fun Meg

70% chance I'm a woman;
ESTP - Performer
30% Lewis Carroll (again!)

Anonymous said...

70@ woman - good
ISFP - sounds okay
Only a slight similarity with Oscar Wilde (19%) - I've got my own style :)

bookfool said...

This was fun! I'm only 63% woman, and 21% Poe. I'm an ISTP also, which I think probably does peg me pretty well. Always gotta be figuring out how stuff works,and fixing broken stuff. (I guess that's the 37% male in me......;0)

Blodeuedd said...

It says that my blog moderately resembles to the writings of Lewis Carroll
Written by a woman (62%)

Evie said...

Fun stuff! 81% female, 37% resembling Lewis Carroll. The personality analyzer link didn't work or maybe I just lack one!

Evie said...

My site was refusing the link. Aww, that's no fun!

DeSeRt RoSe said...

I got 83% woman :) great!!

I Heart Monster said...

I got:

"We guess is written by a woman (51%), however it's quite gender neutral."

I am a woman. I'm glad I write gender neutral though! That's good news to me.

Thank you for sharing the link :o)

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