Surfing Saturdays 1.24.09

Welcome to Surfing Saturdays! Each Saturday morning, I'll list any links of interest I came across during the past week of surfing and give an update on my reading progress. Play along with me! Leave your own links, or a link to your own post, in the comments!

So, where have I been this week? Check it out (only the best for you my readers):

  • If you watched the Inauguration, on Tuesday, you might have noticed that Obama and Roberts didn't get the oath quite right. Here's why it (apparently) matters.
  • And while we're talking about the inauguration, what did you think of that poem? I'm no expert, so I'll let someone else call it history's worst. I'll simply say... not my cup of tea. Of course, Amazon sales figures indicate that not everyone agrees with me.
  • Looking for a book? Check out Open Library. I used it this week to finish The Three Musketeers when I couldn't find a copy at the University library. The book was actually scanned in to a neat little application so that it was like looking at a book and turning pages, which I liked. (Look for a review of Dumas' classic this weekend!)
  • If you haven't yet, enter my giveaways, I'll draw winners next week! And be on the lookout for my next giveaway. I'm really excited about this one!

Currently Reading:
  • Signed, Mata Hari by Yannick Murphy
  • Gilgamesh translated by Stephen Mitchell
  • Changing Places by David Lodge
  • One Writer's Beginnings by Eudora Welty
Quit Reading:
  • Shadow of the Silk Road by Colin Thubron
Finished Reading:
  • The Three Musketeers by Alexandre Dumas

So where have you been this week? What are your reading? Let me know, leave me a comment!


Rebecca said...

I agree about that poem and here is why. I know that a poem will automatically sound choppy after listening to Obama's flowing speech, but I still thought that it sounded like the rhythm was off. It was not the words to the poem, they were very interesting and were so vivid in imagery of the history of African-Americans, but her delivery seemed less rhythmic to me and more as if...she just spewed it out. And I know, like you, that I am in the minority on this one.

Becky said...

I wanted to let you know that you won a copy of The Heretic Queen by Michelle Moran. I tried emailing you. But yahoo said there was a problem delivering to your address. So if you could please, please email me your address I'd appreciate it.



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