Surfing Saturdays 1.3.09

I have decided to institute a weekly post for this blog: Surfing Saturdays. (If someone is already doing something like this, please let me know. I don't want anyone mad at me for inadvertently stealing their idea.) I'll simply list any links of interest I came across during the past week of surfing and give an update on my reading progress. Play along with me! Leave your own links, or a link to your own post, in the comments!

So, where have I been this week? Check it out (only the best for you my readers):


Currently Reading:
  • Shadow of the Silk Road by Colin Thubron--so far so good, this is my first attempt at travel literature
  • Gilgamesh translated by Stephen Mitchell--actually, I just finished the introductory material. The actual poem doesn't start until pg 69
Quit Reading:
  • Dispatches from the Edge by Anderson Cooper -- about 5 pages in I remember I don't really like memoirs. Although I did learn that Anderson's mother is none other than Gloria Vanderbilt! Well worth 5 pages of reading.

So where have you been this week? What are your reading?
Let me know, leave me a comment!


C. B. James said...

This is a fun idea. I've tagge you for the Shakespeare Meme. YOu can find it here...

I hope you enjoy tags. Feel free to ignore it if you don't.

The Book Chook said...

I've been all over - my browser history just boggles my mind and also explains the multiplying dust bunnies.

I've been reading Mem Fox's Reading Magic (again), Two Tough Teddies and skimming some picture books I decided not to review. Too little time to review books I don't love.

Somehow, there is very little time for my adult reading. I did pick up Kathy Reichs' Bare Bones once or twice. Next week, I promise to open it.

meg89 said...

I'm on winter break right now, which means I get to read whatever I want, but when I go back to school next week, my classes dictate most of my reading. It's hard to find time for it all :(

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