The Dead Guy by Doug Hewitt -- Book Review

"The name's Thigpen. Jack Thigpen. I investigate car insurance fraud. I'm not a double-nought spy, and I can't stomach martinis--no matter shaken or stirred--much to the chagrin of my wife. Martinis make me gag, but what I hate even more than olive-adorned, vomit-inducing adult beverages are scammers, con men, swindlers, and cheats. These shysters, sumbags, fraud-meisters, who absolve their consciences with the belief their crimes are victimless, instead perpetuate illegal activities that result in injury and death."

I received this book as a review copy, and at the risk of being blacklisted, I'm writing the review.

First of all, can I just ask: What in the world is going on with the grammar in that last sentence? This is the first paragraph in the book!


Moving on.

If you've read very many of my reviews, you've probably noticed that I focus on the voice and writing style probably more than I do the actual plot line--that's just the way I read and appreciate books. Now every writer or book has (or should have) a unique voice. Now, Hewitt was ambitious--he took on the stereotype that every bored film student with a camera has tried: the classic private eye...


Now, I'll be honest--I put the book down and walked away.

For a few days.

Then I considered that perhaps the book is supposed to be satirical--an entertaining spoof. Or maybe Hewitt has found a way to pull off this classic in an interesting new way. I went back and kept reading. Not only did the book not get any better, within 30 pages the author lost track of the PI voice--the only element that had any real potential of making the book a memorable experience.

Did I mention that Thigpen's best friend was shot? And he's chasing down bad guys that want him dead?! But it doesn't matter because he'll be dead in a few months from a fatal disease anyway?!! I'd wait for the movie: (I love the potato head characters!)

The Dead Guy didn't have a chance.

As always, feel free to disagree! Let me know what you think in the comments!


Zibilee said...

Oh my! This one sounds a tad ambitious. It's too bad because I really liked the potato-head movie!

Luanne said...

I saw this one offered...sounds like taking a pass on it was a good idea...
but I like Mr. Potato Head's fedora!

Lenore said...

The potato head movie was fun to watch, but it doesn't get me interested in reading the book. I mean, unless Mr Potato head is actually the main character.

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