February Reads Roundup

I read a couple more than this, but they'll have to go on next month's list, after I write the reviews. Still, I hope your February was slightly more productive than mine!

Best Pick of the Month:
Signed, Mata Hari by Yannick Murphy -- If you haven't read it, go pick up a copy, because you've been missing out: a quasi-ghost story/historical fiction, a narrator that may or may not be telling you the whole truth, and a brilliant writer who dresses it up in melodic, haunting prose.

Worst Pick of the Month:
The Dead Guy by Doug Hewitt -- If it's cliche, it could be okay. If it's cliche and badly written, run away.

Also Read this Month:
Slow Hands by Leslie Kelly -- this was just good sex, and good fun.

Yearly Stats to Date:

Total Books Read: 9
Total Recommended: 7

Male Authors: 5 (4 Recommended)
Female Authors: 4 (3 Recommended)

Read by Cassandra:

Sundays at Tiffany's by James Patterson

See last month's roundup here.
Visit the reads roundup archive page here.


Michele at Reader's Respite said...

LOL re: cliched and badly written. Ha. Ain't that the truth?

At least you took one for the team there!

Jenners said...

Thanks for the update! I love the Best and the Worst pick concept ... might have to "borrow" that for an end of the month wrap-up! Great way to do it! And I love tracking stats too!

Zibilee said...

Just wanted to say that I thought your review for Signed Mata Hari was excellent. I also like your end of the month wrap-up. Great site!

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