Surfing Saturdays 02.14.09

Welcome to Surfing Saturdays! Each Saturday morning, I'll list any links of interest I came across during the past week of surfing and give an update on my reading progress. Play along with me! Leave your own links, or a link to your own post, in the comments!

So, where have I been this week? Check it out (only the best for you my readers):


Currently Reading:
  • Gilgamesh translated by Stephen Mitchell (Need to get back to this one)
  • Changing Places by David Lodge (Also enjoying)
  • Writing True by Sondra Perl and Mimi Schwartz (class text)
  • Zig-zagging by Tom Wilson (this is for a book tour at the end of March, but I couldn't resist starting it.)

So where have you been this week? What are your reading? Let me know, leave me a comment!


Molly said...

Loved the links - especially AbeBooks' 30 covers. I was particularly drawn to The Archivist :)

Anonymous said...

I love book covers, but I must have completely different taste than the people who picked those - not really my style. I like more classic looks, less modern.

I started Love Letters by Madeleine L'Engle today - appropriate for V's Day, right? :)

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